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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, several families were left in social vulnerability, not even being able to buy basic foodstuffs.
With this in mind, the Rotary Club of Santos created the “Com Vida 21” project, which aimed to collect food baskets to be donated to these families.

The project started in April, aiming to collect 1000 baskets by the end of the month. The goal was quickly reached and collections continued, now with a new goal: 1500 baskets!

The project continued until the end of May, successfully reaching all established goals. In total, the project reached the milestone of more than 18 tons of food donated to families that are assisted by Institutions Arte no Dique, Instituto São José and the Solidarity Social Fund of Santos, in addition to families in the Alemoa and Tia Egle regions.

Another project of the Rotary Club of Santos that is a success, made possible thanks to the engagement of all volunteers.

The Rotary Club of Santos thanks everyone involved!

See below some photos and video of the project:

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