The Corona Zero Project started in June 2020, where the Rotary Club of Santos through a partnership with Laboratório Fleury, Itaú… Read More »CORONA ZERO

Delivery of basic baskets of the Comvida-20 Project

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The Rotary Club of Santos delivered approximately 15 tons to the “Arte no Dique” Community Center in Dique da Vila Gilda, including basic baskets, hygiene and cleaning baskets and oral hygiene kits, benefiting dozens of families.


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The Rotary Club of Santos invites the community to be part of this new Project. To this end, it invites volunteers and partners to collaborate with the project to donate 300 basic food baskets and 300 hygiene baskets to needy families in the Dique da Vila community. The cost of the baskets is R$100.00. You… Read More »PROJECT ROTARY COMVIDA-20


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The March 11 meeting was a joint meeting with the Rotary Club of Santos Porto, totally dedicated to International Women's Day, in addition to the delivery of the “Terezinha Maria Calçada Bastos Women's Merit Award”. The meeting started with a tribute from the Rotaract Club de Santos to all the women present, right after ... Read More »FEMALE MERIT

SEART 2019

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The project Semeando Writers and Artists, Revealing Talents - SEART that took place on November 7th is a contest and a tradition in our city, it is an initiative of the Rotary Club of Santos, in partnership with the Municipal Secretary of Education, this year of 2019 will be completing 12 years. The project is intended ... Read More »SEART 2019