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Rotary Club of Santos - Relevant Projects

The performance of the Rotary Club of Santos has stood out as one of the most prominent Rotary clubs in our country, having given our movement one of the most outstanding presidents of Rotary International, the unforgettable and longing companion. Paulo Viriato Correa da Costa; in addition to being characterized as a breadbasket of governors, by offering Rotary International with 9 outstanding governors from District 4420.

The Rotary Club of Santos also had the honor of having seven godchildren, the Rotary Club of Campinas, founded on 04 - 10 - 1937, the Rotary Club of São Vicente, founded on 10 - 10 - 1952, and five clubs in the City of Santos , Rotary Club of Santos Praia, founded on 12 - 02 - 1959, Rotary Club of Santos Oeste, founded on 23 - 09 - 1972, Rotary Club of Santos Porto, founded on 24 - 06 - 1992, Rotary Club of Santos Monte Serrat, founded on 28 - 06 - 1998 and Rotary Club de Santos Gonzaga, founded on 30 - 10 - 2009. All of them with great prominence within the scope of the Rotary movement in our district.

         The first two major community works of our club took place in 1928, under the management of our first president Ismael Coelho de Souza, through the campaign for the sanitation of Praia Grande, where malaria had reached more than 60% of the strength of the Itaipu Fort and the foundation of the Lazarus Assistance Society and defense against leprosy.  

       From then on, we can highlight a real rosary of important achievements, for which I ask the special attention of my dear friends and companions:

         - Construction, in Santo Ângelo, of a pavilion with 100 beds for the sick in Santos;

         - Foundation of the Santista Society for Assistance to the Mentally Ill;

         - Acquisition of two pavilions with a capacity for 50 patients each in Franco da Rocha.

         - Foundation of the first health school, the nucleus of the current playgrounds;

         - Foundation of the Social Assistance Association to support the Santos Charities;

         - Construction of the Orphans' Asylum (today Casa da Criança) designed to assist orphans of soldiers of the Paulista Revolution;

         -Installation of the first rescue stations on the beaches of Santos, with the collaboration of Cia. City, Santos Docks and the Fire Department;

         - Launch of a pavilion at Hospital Santa Emília for the recovery of people with mental disorders;

         - Institution of the award, which has been maintained until today since 1943, for the “Best Companions” - for students of the 4th year of elementary school and their families. Therefore, with 74 years of existence.

          - Assistance to Poor Children with Special Needs, Physical, Mental, Motor and Intellectual, a seed that culminated, in July 1957, with the foundation, construction and installation of our greatest work the “Associação Casa da Esperança de Santos ”- initiative of comrade Samuel Augusto Leão de Moura, its first president - today in full operation under the competent direction of comrade Charles Ferreira Dias and holder of two Bem Eficiente awards granted to the 50 best managed charities in the country;

         - Presentation to the Municipality of Santos of the “Integrated Development Plan for the Baixada Santista Region”;

         -Initiative for the installation of Mobral - "Brazilian Literacy Movement" - in Santos;

         - Corneal donor campaign;

         - Initiative for the visit to Santos by the scientist Albert Sabin, who in 1982 visited the Casa da Esperança in Santos;

         - Donation of 40 pacemakers to the Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Santos;

         - “Practice the Courtesy” contest - initiative of the tireless companion today an honorary member of the Rotary Club of Santos, Hélio Cesário Cardoso, today one of the administrators of Casa da Esperança de Santos;

         - Inter-Day Care Tournament;

         - Several symposia of the disabled with permanent physical and intellectual needs, together with Casa da Esperança de Santos;

         Among some of our most achievements, we can highlight:

         - Construction and equipment of the children's oncology ward at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Santos (together with Mc

         - Happy Day and U$ 80,000 through equivalent grants from The Rotary Foundation).

         - Participation in the Rotary Foundation Project, by sending Terezinha members Calçada Bastos, Ronald Monteiro and wife and Rotaractor André Abul Hiss to India, to collaborate in the polio vaccination in that country.

         - Polio vaccination campaign in conjunction with Interact Club de Santos.

         - Participation, together with ADQS - Association of Chemical Dependents of Santos, with the support of Rotaract and Interact, of the 2nd Child Awareness Day: “It is necessary to know how to live”;

         - “Sorriso Novo” Project, which provided 12 dental prostheses to the shelters of the São Vicente de Paula Nursing Home (initiative by Comp. Mauricio de Souza);

         - Support for the expansion and renovation works of Casa da Esperança;

         - Donation of a complete dental clinic to the São Vicente de Paula Nursing Home (Comp. Braz Antunes Matos);

          - Happier shelter project - with the children of Educandário Anália Franco, with the participation of Interact;

         - Acquisition of a transport van to Casa da Esperança through the Rotary Foundation equivalent grant program to assist children and family members undergoing treatment;

         - Provision of a bed at the Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Santos to perform varicose vein surgery on SUS patients (initiative of Companion Carlos Henrique Bernardes);

         - Donation of books to the Biblioteca do Educandário Anália Franco in partnership with the Interact Club de Santos - Prof. Fuschini;

          - Inauguration of the Pastoral da Criança Headquarters, equipped with a Rotary Foundation Grant;

          - Project Without Barriers - donation of 101 wheelchairs to people with special needs;

- Industrial Kitchen installation project at Associação Casa da Esperança de Santos;

- Acquisition of a lift for the swimming pool to facilitate children's access to Hydrotherapy;

- On February 22, 2017, with the distinguished presence of the Rotary International President Couple John Germ and Judy, we inaugurated a Unit in the Santos House of Hope State-of-the-art 3-D radiology, a computerized tomography scanner, which should, in full use, reach a service mark of around 10,000 people per year, referred by different dental areas. We set up a complete dental office, also of the latest generation and a technical space called Escovódromo, developed especially for children with the most diverse special needs to learn and do their oral hygiene. Project called “Healthy Smile, Future with Hope”. Global grant with resources of around US$ 125,000.00, funds from The Rotary Foundation and several partners: DDF - 1940 - 1900 - 4420 - 1830, Rotary Club of Berlin - Germany, Dortmund-Neutor, Crailsheim, Lehrte, San Luis Obispo Daybreak , Bakersfield Breakfast, Moorpark, Paso Robles and Atascadero.      

 “ Rotary is a powerful tool, a common denominator for free men who want to add their potential to alleviate injustices and suffering in the world. Knowing how to share is to enhance the destiny of our life ”.