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Rotary Club of Santos

It was founded on February 26, 1927. It is the third oldest club in Brazil. The first was the Rotary Club of Rio de Janeiro founded on December 15, 1922, and the second was the Rotary Club of São Paulo, founded on February 13, 1924. This sponsor club of the Rotary Club of Santos, with a large participation in the training unit.

The Presidency begins its administration, starting on July 1st and ending on June 30th of the following year, this period is called the Rotary Year. Club members are recognized as representative members, autonomous professional leaders, who come together in the same ideal of service. About 1/3 of the members comprise the Board of Directors and the Fiscal Council

The Club is subdivided into Cinco Avenidas and its respective commissions, comprising:

Avenue of Internal Services, Professional Services, Community Services, International Services and Youth Services.

Avenue of Internal Services: responsible for administration, finance, legislation, Rotary information, attendance, admission and classification of members, disclosure of projects and internal matters inherent to the Club.

Avenue of Professional Services: Develop the practice of ethics; encourage professional exchange; Orientation of professional courses to elementary school students; Choose a professional from the city to grant the “Professional Merit” Award.

Avenue of Community Services: Develop and implement projects aimed at improving the quality of life for the community. Our Club has 10 projects executed annually and several others directed to the community and carried out in the city. 

Avenue of International Services: Enlist volunteers for services to the local and global community. Establish interclub or district relations outside the national territory and fundraising for The Rotary Foundation. 

Avenue of Youth Services: Developing leadership skills, humanitarian projects and exchange programs contribute to young people making positive changes in the world, enriching and promoting world peace and understanding of different cultures. Rotary's youth programs are: RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership, Rotaract - 18 to 30 year olds, Interact - 12 to 18 year olds, Rotary Kids, 6 to 12 year olds and Youth Exchange Young.




President: Roberto Luiz Barroso

 Members: Edmundo Ribeiro de Mendonça Neto, Henrique Camilo de Lellis, Lamartine Lélio Busnardo, Heitor Emiliano Lopes de
Moraes and Paulo Eduardo Orselli Cordeiro da Silva.   

   ü Examine with care and absolute criteria for the purpose of approval, the Admission proposals of future members, analyzing the moral, family, citizenship, ethical and leadership aspects of the proposal, their vocation to serve, and forward the opinion to the Board of Directors;

ü  Keep the Club's classification list updated, disseminating it to members electronically (occupied and vacant);

ü  Analyze proposals from new members based on the indicated classification, giving an opinion on their approval or not;

ü  Search for new classifications that can be opened, and present them to the Board of Directors, taking into account the new market and profession trends;

ü  Observe the Internal Regulations regarding classifications. 



President: Fabiana de Oliveira Rodrigues

Members: Lara Azevedo Mattos, Frederico da Costa Marins, Maísa dos Reis Borges, Ângelo da Costa Filho and Renato Russo de Sales Guerra.          

ü  Control the club's frequency index by informing it before meetings of the Board of Directors and Fiscal Council;

ü  Contact absent members (for 3 more meetings), encouraging them to attend meetings or to recover their attendance at meetings in other clubs, as well as through an e-club on the Internet, if possible;

ü  Organize a 100% meeting during the Rotary Year;

ü  Identify the main causes and motivations for leaving club members, in the last 02 (two) years, to create a comprehensive project for retaining members;

ü  Promote the expansion of the membership, researching in the community the elements of quality to represent vague classifications, which should be the object of survey and analysis by the Board of Directors;

ü  Implement initiatives that motivate members to stay and act in the club.



President: Heitor Emiliano Lopes de Moraes

Members: Henrique Camilo de Lellis, Lamartine Lélio Busnardo, Roberto Luiz Barroso, Théo Campomar Nascimento Baskerville Macchi, Edmundo Ribeiro de Mendonça Neto, Tarcísio Miranda Bresciani

 ü  SEMESTERALLY promote the “Café com o Presidente” program, for Rotary information, guidance and integration of new members;

ü  Hold an edition of “Café Rotário” during the term of the Rotary Year;

ü  Hold Rotary Information Forums at a regular club meeting on a topic to be chosen by the committee;

ü  Publish Rotary information topics in the club's weekly newsletter.

ü  Select and Take the Rotary Pill at every Regular Meeting with a committee member stepping up to the pulpit and reading the information.



President: Umberto Rosti Junior

 Members: Daniela Fernandes, Erica Andrade Soares, Fábio Alexandre Fernandes Ferraz, José Alberto Carvalho dos Santos Claro, Marcelo Vallejo Marsaioli, Marco Antonio Tadeu Deniz Sanches and Maurício de Souza e Silva Machado.


 ü  Prepare the Meetings Calendar for each quarter;

ü  Schedule, receive, accompany and guide speakers at our lunch meetings;

ü  Request the speaker's CV to be read during their presentation.




President: Leonardo Barbosa Delfino

Members: Marcelo Froelich Bozzani, Leonardo Augusto Zuanazzi, Frederico da Costa Marins, Matheus da Silva Thomaz, Lucas Amodio, Thiago Vallejo Marsaioli, Caio Magenta, José Alberto Carvalho dos Santos Claro, Maísa dos Reis Borges, Tarcísio Miranda Bresciani, Marcelo Lozzardo Pinto.

 ü  Keep the media informed of the Club's relevant activities and ensure information and
news quality for the internal media;

ü  Maintain a calendar of events promoted by the Club that are of potential interest to the media, such as lectures
given by prominent people, inaugurations of projects of public interest, among others, publicizing it to the press;

ü  Send our Weekly Bulletin, in electronic format, to all clubs in District 4420 and to as many
possible clubs in Brazil and around the world.

ü  Review the edition of the club's weekly newsletter and program;

ü Publicize Official Rotary Magazines



President: Maisa dos Reis Borges

 Members: Moacir Brandelero, André Coelho de Sousa, Leonardo Zuanazzi, Alex Alcalai and Antônio Taveira.

 ü  Promote at least one monthly meeting dedicated exclusively to companionship;

ü  Organize thematic meetings, outside the context of ordinary Club meetings, with the participation of spouses and
family members of fellow students, exchange students, Rotaractors, Interactors and Kidians;

ü  Integrate new members with other members of the club;

ü  Motivate new members to join the club's programs;

ü  Assist the Pro-Conference Committee (President-Elect) to organize the District Conference.



President: Leonardo Augusto Zuanazzi

 Members: Sérgio André Carvalho, Paulo Simões Mirabelli, Hildebrando Malaquias Felix Ribeiro, Leonardo Barbosa Delfino and Wagner Nunes da Silva Júnior.

 ü  Promote, if necessary, the renovation and layout of the secretariat;

ü  Preserve and maintain the Paulo Viriato Corrêa da Costa collection;

ü  Develop a program to encourage visits to the Paulo Viriato Corrêa da Costa collection and greater knowledge about the history of our Club;

ü  Maintain in an organized manner, all existing material and whatever becomes available, in order to receive, catalog and store in an orderly manner: cups, plaques, medals, trophies, pennants and documents granted to our Club, or to its members, guaranteeing preservation of the Club's memory.



 President: Marcelo Froelich Bozzani
Members: Leonardo Barbosa Delfino, Carlos Henrique Gomes da Cruz, Vitor Augusto Castendo Simões, Caio Magenta, Lara Azevedo Mattos, Thiago Rodrigues de Carvalho and Matheus da Silva Tomáz

 ü  Search for companies that financially support our club’s projects



Chairman: Théo Campomar Nascimento Baskerville Macchi

Members: Alexandre Ferreira, Edmundo Ribeiro de Mendonça Neto, Felipe Esmanhoto Mateo, Heitor Emiliano Lopes de Moraes, Henrique Camilo de Lellis, Marcelo Fernandes Lopes and Thiago Aló da Silveira.

ü  Adapt and / or update the Bylaws and Bylaws to the procedures of Rotary International;

ü  Disclosure of Rotary legislation among members;

ü  Edit and distribute the updated Club Charter and Bylaws to all members;

ü  Resolve and collaborate in all situations to which the club is submitted, regardless of the legal area;

ü  Assist in the legal aspects of projects initiated by the club;

ü  List club covenants and ongoing partnerships.



President: Clarice Olivé Esteves

 Members: Lara Azevedo Mattos, Paulo Eduardo Orselli Cordeiro da Silva, Alexandre Ribeiro Alonso


  ü  Provide cordial welcome and assistance to visitors and family members collaborating with the Protocol director at the visiting companion's presentation during the meeting;

ü  Arouse the interest of the new member, notably through their sponsor(s) encouraging them to participate in meetings
and club projects.



President: Maurício de Souza Silva e Machado

Members: Guilherme da Rocha Tavares, Heitor Emiliano Lopes de Moraes, Lara Azevedo Mattos, Leonardo Barbosa Delfino, Leonardo
Augusto Zuanazzi, Marcelo Antunes da Silva, Paulo Eduardo Orselli Cordeiro da Silva, Vitor Augusto Castendo Simões, Thiago Rodrigues de Carvalho, and Fabiana de Oliveira Rodrigues.

ü  Promote the participation of as many companions as possible in the 33rd District Conference of District 4420;

ü  Maintain contact with the district team in charge of the organization;

ü  Promote, together with the Fellowship and Sports Activities Committee, a specific program, involving
our club mates.



President: Leonardo Araújo Peres Martins

Members: Sérgio André Carvalho, Alexandre Ribeiro Alonso and Frederico da Costa Marins.

ü  Promote good social relationships and regular visits with other clubs in the District and sponsor clubs;

ü  Disseminate among teammates, via bulletin or email, invitations received from other clubs to
Rotary ceremonies and acts, encouraging them to attend them;

ü Promote twinning with other clubs.



President: Charles Ferreira Dias

Members: Henrique Camilo de Lellis, Lamartine Lélio Busnardo, Edmundo Ribeiro de Mendonça, Roberto Luiz Barroso and Theo Campomar NB Macchi.

ü  Meet with the members of the committee and former winners of the Mention and define among those eligible who deserves this
distinction from Rotary International;

ü  Promote the delivery of the tribute in our club's Regular Meeting.



President: Reinaldo dos Santos Alves

Members: Hector Emiliano Lopes de Moraes, Charles Ferreira Dias, Alexandre Ribeiro Alonso, Marcelo Antunes da Silva and Marco Antonio Tadeu Deniz Sanches.


ü  Support the work of the District Governor in 2024-2025, the year in which a member of the Rotary Club will be governor
of Saints.



 Chairman: Edmundo Ribeiro de Mendonca Neto

Members: Roberto Luiz Barroso, Roberto Luiz Barroso Filho, Henrique Camilo de Lellis, Lamartine Lélio Busnardo and Marcelo Marsaioli.

ü  Start planning for the centenary year;



PRESIDENT: Renato Russo de Salles Guerra

 Support Committee for the Enhancement of Professional Relations

PresidentAlex Roberto de Alcalai Araújo

 Members: Leonardo Barbosa Delfino, José Alberto Claro, Marcelo Froelich Bozanni, Moacir Brandelero, Luis Carlos Siqueira, Guilherme Rocha, Matheus da Silva Thomaz and Luiz Gustavo Torresi

 ü  Intensify Open Doors Project (exchange professional) among colleagues holding “Professional Coffees” in the workplace of a certain partner, inviting others to get to know your activity better, 04 presentations per year;

ü  Promote, together with the Program Committee, lectures so that our companions can share their experiences and professional achievements in our print and electronic publications and at club meetings.



Support Committee for
Project Towards


President: Moacir Brandelero


Members: Paulo Mirabelli,
Dimas Cabral da Silva, Elias da Silva Junior, Hildebrando Malaquias Felix
Ribeiro, Luis Carlos Siqueira, Lucas Amodio and 
Luiz Gustavo Torresi


ü  Continuing the course guidance program
vocational training for public and private elementary school students, in
partnership with SEPROJE – Municipal Education Secretariat, with 02 cycles of
project in the year;

ü  Work beyond professional training for the areas
of regional development and instill thinking about entrepreneurship

ü  Integrate the Rotaract Club de Santos to this project;

ü  Partnership with associations and other entities.



Commission for
Professional Merit Award Nomination


President: Reinaldo dos Santos Alves


Members: Marcelo Vallejo Marsaioli, Charles Dias, Luiz
Fernando Caramico de Carvalho and Henrique Camilo de Lellis


ü  Promote the choice of a
city professional, preferably non-Rotarian, who has distinguished himself
during this Rotary year;

ü  organize solemnity
specific to the granting of this award;

ü  search for sponsors for
an advertisement in the newspaper A Tribuna in honor of the grantee.



Ethics Committee and


President: Lamartine Lélio Busnardo


Braz Antunes Mattos Neto, Daniela Fernandes, Eduardo Carvalhaes, João Carlos
Grottone, Paulo Simões Mirabelli, Pedro Zwoelfer Troncoso, Ricardo Horliana and
Roberto Luiz Barroso


ü  Deliver at the time of possession of the
New Associate in the Quadruple Trial frame;

ü  Lecture presentation in the year on the History and Concepts of the Test
Quadruple, as well as relevant concepts of Rotary legislation.



Support Committee for
ROTARY Educational Merit Scholarship Project / Universities of Santos


Chairman: Elias Francisco da
Silva Junior


Members: Edison da Silva Monteiro, Ermenegildo
Pinheiro da Costa Miranda, José Alberto Carvalho dos Santos Claro, Marcelo
Vallejo Marsaioli, Marcelo Teixeira Filho, Marcus Teixeira Penteado, Reinaldo
dos Santos Alves and Rodrigo Reis Sessa


ü  Reactivate the
relationship and encouragement to distribute scholarships to young talents,
from a poor background.



Support Committee for
Project “SEART – Sowing Writers and Artists, Revealing Talents”


President: Jose Roberto Ferreira da Silva Montoro Filho


Members: Eduardo Varela Zorovich, Edmar de Oliveira
Monteiro, Marcelo Fernandes Lopes, Marcelo Teixeira Filho, Marcelo Vallejo
Marsaioli, Rafael Cachote de Almeida and Reinaldo dos Santos Alves


ü  Partner with SEDUC in the search for students from
Public Primary Education Network, with the ability to develop skills
writing stories, poems, chronicles and drawings;

ü  Select the best works of these students and
compile them into a book;

ü  Achieve through private sector partners the
production of copies of the aforementioned book at no cost and as a form of
encouraging young people for their work.



commission of Support for the Female Merit Award “Terezinha
Maria Calçada Bastos”


Regina Maria Reis Hidalgo


Members: Carlos
Alberto Garcia Braga Filho, Carolina Fátima Nova Bulhões, Clarice Olivé
Esteves, João Mendes Junior, Hortência Martinez Soares Benette and Renise La Cava
Veiga Gomes


ü  Promote the choice of a female personality from
city, non-Rotarian, who has distinguished himself professionally or who has
provided relevant voluntary service to the community during this Rotary year;

ü  organize solemnity
specific to the granting of this award;



Support Committee for
“Practice Courtesy” Project


President: Marcelo Froelich Bozzani


Members: Rafael Cachote de Almeida, Caio Magenta, Luis Carlos Siqueira,
Paulo Simões Mirabelli, Ricardo Horliana, Vitor Simões, Frederico Marins and José
Roberto Montoro


ü  Organize
and implement the “Practice Courtesy” program in conjunction with Rotaract,
Interact and Rotary Kids;

ü  Accomplish
partnership with the Faculty of Communication and the Department of Education to develop
the program’s actions;

ü  To involve
the media (TV, Newspapers, Radios and Magazines) for the wide
community outreach and promotion;

ü  Promote
lectures at universities with the aim of reviewing and disseminating the importance
courtesy in the development of good relationships and human coexistence;

ü  Promote
the capture of resources (financial and operational) to make the



    ASFAR and FRS Support Commission


    President: Carlos Henrique Gomes da Cruz


    Members: Luiz Fernando Caramico de Carvalho, Leonardo Zuanazzi, Frederico Marins, Henrique Lellis and José Alberto Claro


    ü  Raise awareness and instruct spouses about ASFAR's objectives and activities;

    ü   Support and participate in the activities of the Santos Rotarians Foundation and ASFAR;

    ü   Participate in the Board of Directors and report to the club on decisions taken by the FRS at its meetings.




    Support Commission for the House of Hope in Santos


    President: Marcelo Fernandes Lopes


    Members: Lamartine Lélio Busnardo, Charles Ferreira Dias, Roberto Luiz Barroso, Fábio Alexandre Ferraz, Henrique Camilo de Lellis, Leandro Borges Taveira and João Augusto Lopes Villela de Souza


    ü  Support and meet pressing needs, holding fundraising events for the association and its projects;

    ü  Promote visits by members and family members to Casa da Esperança facilities.




    Senior Citizens Support Commission


    President: Jorge Luis Diegues Barbato


    Members: Arlindo Salgueiro, Braz Antunes Mattos Neto, Maurício de Souza e Silva Machado, Fabiana de Oliveira Rodrigues and Rafael Cachote de Almeida.



    ü  Carry out campaigns to collect necessary items and charity events at the São Vicente de Paulo Asylum, with the involvement of ASFAR, Rotaract, Interact, Rotary Kids and YEP.

    ü  Continue the “Sorriso Novo” and “See, Listen and Live Better” projects.





    Daycare Support Committee


    President: Dimas Lima Cabral da Silva


    Members: José Alberto Carvalho dos Santos Claro, Luis Carlos Siqueira, Luiz Fernando Caramico de Carvalho, Frederico Marins, Renato Russo, Edgard Hernandes, Carlos Henrique Cruz, Sérgio André Carvalho, Alex Alcalai and Hildebrando Ribeiro


    ü  Support physical maintenance, expansion of spaces, aiming for the well-being of children served by daycare centers;

    ü  Promote actions with the integration of members and families in the daycare facilities.



    Support Committee for the Best Companion Program


    President: Hildebrando Malaquias Felix Ribeiro


    Members: Alex Roberto Alcalai de Araújo, Alexandre Ariki, Alexandre Ferreira, Alexandre Ribeiro Alonso, Carlos Henrique Gomes da Cruz, Fabiana de Oliveira Rodrigues, Heitor Emiliano Lopes de Moraes, João Mendes Júnior, Luiz Gustavo Torresi, Maísa dos Reis Borges, Marcelo Fernandes Lopes, Marcelo Marsaioli, Marcelo Bozzani, Paulo Simões Mirabelli, Rodrigo Guerra de Abreu Campanário, Dimas Lima Cabral da Silva and Sérgio André Carvalho


    ü  Promote the 81st year of the Best Companion Competition in partnership with SEPROJE, in municipal and private schools, with the target audience being students in the 4th year of Elementary School and their families;



    Health Commission


    President: Felipe Ziccardi Rabelo


    Members: Almir da Silva Ruiz, Carlos Alberto Martins Carvalho, Cássio Peixoto Sant'anna, Claudio Fernando Guimarâes Figueiredo, Fábio Atz Guino, Flávio Ferraz de Paes e Alcântara, João Carlos Grottone, Luiz Carlos Lopes Ferreira Junior, Luiz Cláudio Mendes Carvalho, Marcelo Cunha Guimaraes Gonçalves, Renato de Souza Astolfi, Rogério Martins, Tiago Martins dos Santos Leal and William da Costa


    ü  Work together with the PolioPlus Support Committee in the Polio immunization campaign in Santos;

    ü  Support the Third Age Support Committee in medical and dental activities;

    ü  Support district public awareness programs;

    ü  Develop and support “Health Day” together with the “Heart Project”;

    ü  Work on the Criança Sorriso Project to provide dental care to needy children in partnership with Universities.



    José Bonifácio Project Support Commission


    President: Arlindo Salgueiro


    Members: José Geraldo Gomes Barbosa, Ricardo Fidos Horliana, Hortência Martinez Soares Benette, Eduardo Carvalhaes Junior, Carolina Fátima Nova Bulhões, Braz Antunes Mattos Neto, Aguinaldo Antonio Andreo da Fonseca and Caio Magenta


    ü  Praise the National Hero through actions and studies that aim to support citizenship.




    Support Committee for the Clothes of Hope Project – Vestindo Alegria


    President: Edgard Lopes Hernandes


    Members: Alex Roberto Alcalai de Araújo, Hildebrando Malaquias Felix Ribeiro, Marco Antonio Arroio dos Santos and Sandro dos Santos           


    ü  Work with the Municipal Solidarity Fund and monitor the collection and distribution of clothes



    Support Committee for the Carpentry and Art Project


    President: Edgard Lopes Hernandes


    Members: Marcelo Antunes, Fernando Carrera, Leandro Taveira, André Coelho and Ronaldo Olivan.


    ü  Monitoring of the Carpentry and Art Project with Arte no Dique.



    PRESIDENT: Matheus da Silva Thomaz

     Rotary Foundation Support Committee – Grants and Projects/Collection – ABTRF


    President: Sérgio André de Carvalho


    Members: Ricardo Fidos Horliana, Leonardo Araujo Peres Martins and Ricardo Ramos Cardozo



    ü  Search for companies for “Citizen Company” sponsorship;

    ü  Stimulate and promote actions to increase the number of Paul Harris Fellows;

    ü  Plan fundraising activities for FR;

    ü  Spread knowledge about the Rotary Foundation and its activities in the club, together with the Program Directorate, promoting the celebration of Rotary Foundation month (November);

    ü  Develop Global Subsidy projects for Casa da Esperança and charitable entities in the city of Santos;

    ü  Assist in the preparation of District Subsidies and in strengthening relationships with the Governor's Office for Simplified Subsidies and Global Subsidies.

    ü  Promote and engage colleagues in Porto Seguro’s “Solidarity Insurance” Project.



    IGE Support Committee – Study Group Exchange (Vocation Training Team – VTT) and Former Exchange Students of the Foundation and for Educational Programs and Rotary Scholarship for World Peace


    Chairman: Alexandre Ribeiro Alonso


    Members: Guilherme da Rocha Tavares, Claudio Fernando Guimarães Figueiredo, Marcelo Vallejo Marsaioli and Antonio Taveira


    ü  Publicize the program in the community and qualify candidates for district vacancies, both for IGE (VTT) and Educational Scholarships;

    ü  Organize the stay of the IGE (VTT) group entering our city through cultural visits and companionship;

    ü  Carry out REGISTRATION and orientation of residences that can receive exchange students;

    ü  Involve former IGE (VTT) exchange students in our club projects;

    ü  Try to find, among the young people of Santos, the best candidates for scholarships offered by the Rotary Foundation (Pró-Paz and others)).

    PolioPlus Program Support Committee


    Chairman: Fabrício Mourão Perino


    Members: Felipe Ziccardi Rabelo, Renato de Souza Astolfi, Cássio Peixoto Sant'Anna

    and Guilherme Rocha


    ü  Support the Municipal Department of Hygiene and Health of Santos, in the Polio immunization campaign, with the participation of Companheiros, Rotaract, Interact and Rotary Kids.




    Support Committee for EREY and Citizen Club


    Chairman: Edgard Lopes Hernandes


    Members: Luiz Fernando Caramico de Carvalho, Sergio André Carvalho, André de Almeida Fernandes and Umberto Rosti Junior


    ü  I support fundraising for the Rotary Foundation through Erey and Clube Cidadão.





    Rotary Fellow Ships Support Committee – Fellowship Groups – 2022-2023


    Chairman: Ricardo Fidos Horliana


    Members: Regina Mara Reis Hidalgo, Marcelo Vallejo Marsaioli, Thiago Aló da Silveira, Marcus Teixeira Penteado and Luis Carlos Siqueira 


    ü  Provide access links to global fellowship communities on the Rotary Club of Santos' internet pages;

    ü  Maintain the club’s participation in the “Scuba Divers Latin America Chapter” World Fellowship Group

    ü  Form or participate in at least one World Fellowship community.

    PRESIDENT: Guilherme da Rocha Tavares

    Support Committee for International Youth Exchange – YEP and Rotex


    President: Frederico Sanchez Cidral


    Members: Edgard Lopes Hernandes, Luiz Antônio Paiva dos Reis, Claudio Figueiredo, Maísa dos Reis Borges, Alexandre Ferreira, André Coelho de Sousa and Marcelo Vallejo Marsaioli



    ü  Develop a program to prepare Exchange Officers (YEOs) and additional Counselors for the district program;

    ü  Represent the Rotary Club of Santos at district YEP meetings and/or training;

    ü  Provide the reception and presentation of exchange students (inbounders), integrating them into the club's actions and the social and cultural environment;

    ü  Develop partnerships with secondary schools aiming to continue their studies, in addition to promoting sports and cultural activities in partnership with the Sports Activities Commission;

    ü  Promote a meeting in the second half of August for exchange students;

    ü  Integrate ROTEX into the Commission’s activities;



    Interact Support Committee

    President: Jorge Luis Diegues Barbato

    Members: Marcelo Fernandes Lopes, Mauricio de Souza e Silva Machado, Hildebrando Malaquias Felix Ribeiro, Jarbas Vieira Marques Junior, Rafael Cachote de Almeida, José Ramon Grego Carneiro and Thiago Rodrigues

    ü  Promote the integration and participation of the Interact Club of Santos – “Prof. Fuschini” in the Club’s projects, in addition to implementing joint campaigns;

    ü  Assist Interact in increasing its membership;

    ü  Encourage Interact members to attend regular Santos RC meetings and Rotarians to attend Interact meetings;

    ü  Promote monitoring and supervision of weekly Interact meetings through Committee members.




    Rotaract Support Committee


    Chairman: Leonardo Augusto Zuanazzi


    Members: Matheus da Silva Thomaz, Leonardo Delfino and Fabrício Perino



    ü  Promote the integration and participation of the Rotaract Club of Santos in the Club's projects, in addition to implementing joint campaigns.

    ü  Assist Rotaract in increasing its membership;

    ü  Encourage the attendance of Rotaractors to regular meetings of the RC of Santos and of Rotarians to Rotaract meetings;

    ü  Promote monitoring and supervision of weekly Rotaract meetings through Committee members;

    ü  Identify potential future Rotarians among Rotaract members.



    Santos Rotary Kids Support Committee


    President: Carlos Henrique Gomes da Cruz


    Members:  Umberto Rosti Júnior, Alex Alcalai, Renato Astolfi, José Alberto Claro and Vitor Simões


    ü  Promote the integration and participation of Rotary Kids de Santos in the Club's projects, in addition to implementing joint campaigns;

    ü  Assist Rotary Kids in increasing their membership;

    ü  Encourage Kidians to attend regular meetings of the RC of Santos and Rotarians to attend Rotary Kids meetings;



    Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Support Committee – RYLA


    Chairman: Frederico da Costa Marins


    Members: Fabiana de Oliveira Rodrigues, José Alberto Carvalho dos Santos Claro, Leandro Borges Taveira, Leonardo Araújo Peres Martins, Maísa dos Reis Borges, Renato Russo de Salles Guerra and Ricardo Fidos Horliana.


    ü  Promote RYLA Distrital in the club;

    ü  Select young people to participate in the District RYLA;

    ü  Monitor the performance of young participants.





    1- Introduce internal training for outbound young people into the Commission to support international youth exchange – YEP and rotex.


    2- INTERNATIONAL YOUTH WEEK – 08/05/23 TO 08/12/2023


          Workshop – Young Rotarians of age and club experience:

    ü  One-day event – Suggestion 08/05/2023;

    ü  Lectures on Rotary knowledge.



    ü  One-day event – Suggestion 08/12/2023;

    ü  Select young people from public and private schools between 14 and 30 years old.